Our servicesi

• Training courses

• Team development

• Organisation design

• Job / work design

• Overseas study tours

• While our primary focus has been servicing clients in Vietnam we have also provided services throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Business mission

APMG’s motto is: “Adaptation and Growth Through People”. We help our clients to adapt to their operating environments through their people. Even though we view human resources as the critical resource, APMG is not a conventional HR consultancy. In fact we coach our clients to see “HRM” as a core competency of their line managers. We recommend that our clients authorise and equip their managers with recruitment, coaching, and performance management skills so that they are accountable for the human resources entrusted to them.

Community mission

In addition to its business mission, APMG is also clearly focused on its community mission: to contribute to Vietnam’s development by improving the effectiveness of the individuals, teams and organisations we work with. We sincerely believe that as a commercial business services company in the real market for organisation development services we are making a contribution which may make a more sustainable contribution to Vietnam’s development than donated services.

Vietnamese language delivery

We have worked hard to use Vietnamese language as the main means of communication in training courses as well as for other structured group and consulting processes. Whenever possible we use Vietnamese consultants and trainers. Even when we use international experts we provide bilingual facilitators and materials so that Vietnamese participants can acquire new knowledge quickly and accurately through their first language.

Whole Organisation Approach

Although APMG offers best practice training, we encourage our clients to apply a “whole organisation” approach. Sustainable behavioural change within an organisation is much more likely when a holistic approach is taken in combination with improving the skills of staff. In particular we recommend that our clients pay attention to organisation and job design. A clear organisation structure with well defined accountabilities made unambiguous through job descriptions lays a strong foundation for an effective organisation, by making clear “who is supposed to be doing what”. Our whole organisation approach views successful organisation change as being something like preparing the kind of delicious cake that everybody wants to eat: there are many ingredients in the recipe. To view a list of ingredients in a successful change project, click here to view the Organisation Effectiveness Framework.

Importance of Organisation Design

APMG has a range of methodologies and strong experience in Vietnam supporting clients who recognise the impact of organisation design on their organisation’s effectiveness. While strong, charismatic leaders and desirable products / services can give an organisation a short term competitive advantage, we believe long term success and growth requires good organisation design. What is the maximum and minimum number of direct reports one manager can effectively supervise? Which decisions belong to the boss and which to the boss’s boss? How many layers of management does a particular organisation require? These are all examples of the types of questions we work with our clients to answer. Our clients often reach for support when they need to prepare themselves for change (e.g. a implementing a new or change to business strategy) or when they are looking to improve the effectiveness of ‘getting work done.’ We work with our clients to help answer critical organisational questions such as; What is the maximum and minimum number of direct reports one manager can effectively supervise? Which decisions belong to the boss and which to the boss’s boss? How many layers of management does a particular organisation require

Psychological principles

We ensure that strong participant engagement is a normal part of learning activities and that active team development should immerse participants in a range of processes that create increased self awareness. Our team development processes are underpinned by psychodynamic principles (based on understanding the processes and emotions that determine group behaviour and motivation). While critical review of personal and team behaviours and mental models supports APMG’s approach to action learning, our approach in involves “more carrot than stick” and “firstly do no harm”. Our emphasis is on building trust and self confidence to allow layers of defensiveness to naturally fall away rather than “tearing them off”. We specifically do not recommend processes such as structured peer review and 360 degree feedback sessions. We are focused on and committed to improving our clients’ organisational effectiveness.

Human resource management system

Our work in building Human Resource Management systems for our clients involves the application of best practice position management, job definition, performance management and remuneration structures. Our HRM systems work can be done to support an existing organisation structure or as part of a process of organisation structure review / redesign.

Training That Really Works

APMG generally takes the view that most training, by itself, rarely creates long term behavioural change. So we strive to make our training different. APMG training is designed to minimize lecturing and to maximize experiential learning: we design dynamic exercises that immerse participants in active roles that cause them to behave differently. We make every training course a personal and team development experience for participants. Our primary focus is to cause them to behave differently when they return to the work place.