Develop working group

Team building
APGM-designed programs for team development are based on trust development engagement activities that are always enjoyable and often complementary to serious team meetings.

Group effectiveness evaluation (T.E.R.)
The group performance evaluation program combines trust building and fun activities with a serious assessment of members’ ability to collaborate as well as work independently, cooperatively to complete the items. general expenditure of the group. [This program is designed for managers with subordinate employees]

Group role analysis (T.R.A.)
Team role analysis is a rigorous, but engaging assessment of each person’s roles and responsibilities in accomplishing group goals. APMG’s implementation process includes an industry-leading process that focuses on the roles of each individual in the collective (rather than just about the individual). The system-wide approach is less threatening and is much more effective than the individualized approaches. The results are often constructive and are truly viable adjustments to the system instead of individual “innocuous” intentions [This program is designed for managers with individuals subordinates]

New team leader (N.T.L)
The New Team Leader (NTL) program
is designed to help accelerate the creation of trust, authority, and compliance between the new Team Leader and members. [This program is designed for managers with subordinate employees]

Change Implementation Group Program (CITP)
The program is designed
to support a team that is required to rapidly improve performance after significant changes have occurred in the organization (e.g., process reengineering / redesign / implementation. IT systems)

Change Implementation Team Process (C.I.T.P)
Change Implementation Team Process (C.I. T.P) is designed to support a team who have been required to quickly move to operational effectiveness after a significant organisational change has occurred (e.g. Restructure / Process reengineering / IT systems implementation).

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