Sales Culture Development

What is a sales culture?
A “sales culture” is the term given to highly pro-active organisations that, at every level, and in every department the people and processes are focussed on maximising long term sales performance. APMG can show your staff that “sales” is not about manipulating people into buying things they don’t really want.

What kind of a sales culture does your organisation have now?

How would your customers classify your company’s sales and service performance?

o Rude and unhelpful? 

o Order-takers?

 o Product pushers? 

o Proactive and trustworthy problem-solvers? 

o Partners? 

APMG’s Sales Culture Toolkit
• Mystery shopper surveys 

• Customer focus group facilitation

 • Sales force skills assessment 

• Sales leadership skills assessment

 • Sales and Service Activity Management System 

• Integrated Marketing Methodology 

• Collaborative Action Research 

• Sales Trainning

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