Organisation Design and Job Design Services

Organisation Design Executive Briefing.
Organisation Design Executive seminar. This workshop based seminar is designed to increase the awareness of an organisation’s ‘top team’ about the strategic importance of an effective organisation structure. This workshop explores the symptoms of a dysfunctional structures and outlines alternative courses of action available to organisations wishing to implement structural reform.

Change Management Executive Briefing.
Change Management Executive Briefing.This workshop based seminar is intended for the executive “top team” of large organisations considering the implementation of any significant organisational change and / or restructure. This seminar has proved valuable to our clients in a variety of situations including, merger, de-merger, corporatization, technological change, business process re-engineering.

Organisation Design Workshop. 
Organisation Design Workshop. Designed for senior leaders and their teams responsible for organisation restructure / redesign projects; senior change agents involved in large scale organisational change projects. In the past this has proved valuable to clients preparing to, or undergoing restructuring, mergers, technology change and process re-engineering. This workshop is designed as hands on accelerated learning for a team of people from within one organisation to become OD change champions.

Organisation Design Review. 
Organisation Design Review.This is a structured form of organisational analysis and of existing organisation structures without necessarily committing to further structural change. Often clients have asked for support in this areas when they are aware that there are organisational challenges but not clear what or how big they are. In under 2 weeks, APMG can review the existing structures, interview key staff and provide the client with a preliminary analysis of its existing organisation design. Sometimes clients who are involved in financial restructuring processes seek APMG’s expertise to provide “a second opinion” about their planned re-structure design.

Collaborative Organisation Restructure Consulting Process.
Collaborative Organisation Restructure.This is the term we use for when a client wishes to engage APMG’s consulting support as part of its own restructuring project. APMG offers a proprietary industry leading consulting methodology incorporating needs assessment, collaborative design, executive engagement, implementation, change management, training and ongoing executive coaching.

Job Design and HR Performance Management. 
One of the most important foundations of an effective organisation is a clear definition of “who is supposed to be doing what”. A clear and consistent approach to defining each job in an organisation underpins:

• Recruitment and Selection 

• Induction 

• Training

 • On the job coaching 

• Performance Management 

• Succession Planning

 • Remuneration 

With our strong experience in Vietnam APMG can help your organisation to put into place a consistent approach to job definition and description.

A properly designed system of remuneration is a pre-requisite for an organisation’s ability to attract, motivate and retain staff. Many Vietnamese organisations confront a range of problems caused by uncompetitive salary systems. APMG’s unique salary system design methodology (often applied as a component of Job Design and HR Performance Management ) utilises a statistical factoring to develop fair and impartial remuneration systems. Incorporating factors such as:

 • Necessary education level

 • Requisite experience 

• Span of management control 

• Scope of responsibilities 

• Availability of replacement labour

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