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Money, Leadership & Career Plan

Do you want to be a leader? Do you understand the connection between the level of leadership you attain in your career and the salary you achieve? Have you ever considered the relationship between the career you choose and the level of leadership you may be able to attain? Have you ever thought strategically about your career goals in terms of working as a leader of others? Many career choices that seem appealing because of their prestige or high salaries may actually be quite limited when it comes to progressing to a leadership role.

“Money, Leadership and Your Career Plan” is designed to challenge many taken-for-granted assumptions about career planning.

If you know that you want to be a leader, then here are some good reasons for you to participate:

· Fun. The workshop involves lots of participation. You will find yourself in a small group with others who are also interested in their future leadership career. You’ll get to participate in some leadership development activities and have the opportunity to discuss the concepts taught at the workshop.

· If you are still studying, you will probably find the workshop gives you some extra motivation to finish your current course of study.

· Think in a structured way about leadership as an important element in your career decision making that many people overlook.

· Saving money should also be a part of your career strategy.

· Tactics to help you successfully manage the interview process to your own  advantage.

· Which courses of study have the most potential to accelerate your career as a leader

· Which careers are most likely to be aligned with your personal style

· Find out which careers are likely to match your interests, abilities and needs.

If you are really serious about becoming a leader you can’t afford to miss this workshop. At worst you will enjoy yourself and meet some new people. At best you will come away with renewed motivation and a whole new way of thinking about your personal career strategy.


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