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Interview Star

Interview Skills: An Experiential Coaching Workshop.

Intended participants: High end career professionals and prospective job changers who want to be coached to  enhance their performance in a job interview situation

Fortunately for job applicants the job interview process is a very unreliable way for an employer to predict who will be the best applicant for their job vacancy. Job interviews are good way of determining which applicant is good at job interviews. Most interviewers are not properly trained in behavioural interview skills training which means they tend to recommend the candidate who is most impressive rather than the one with the actual experience to do the job. This workshop will teach participants how to be impressive at the job interview. Participants will learn about the interviewing tactics that are used by recruitment professionals……so they can be more impressive at the job interview.

This workshop for small groups is totally focused on showing participants how to impress the interviewers. You will learn how to not to make the most common mistakes made by job applicants. In some ways this course is a 2 day acting course with real rehearsals for a role you intend to play……that role is as job applicant for your dream job. You will have a lot of fun and get to meet new friends. You will be encouraged to keep in contact with at least one person you meet on the course to act as an ongoing support person to review your real interview experiences.

Participants will get to participate in mock interview situations, both as the interviewee and the interview. They will also get to see themselves on video play-back in order to identify ways to improve their approach to the interview.

Participants get to rehearse for and practice a job interview closely aligned to their actual career objective.

Workshop Duration: 2 days


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