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Job Winner (English)

How to successfully apply for a job when you have to communicate in English

Intended participants: People who are seeking employment with a foreign company where they will need to write their application, and be interviewed, in English.

Some of the best jobs in Vietnam are with foreign companies…. who may also be offering good pay, overseas travel and fantastic development opportunities. In most cases communicating with foreign companies will be in English, even when English is not the first language of your prospective new employer.

Even if the job you’re applying for doesn’t require especially good English you will still need to submit a resume in English and be able to be interviewed in English.  This workshop is totally focused on showing you how to win a job when you have to communicate in English. We have lots of tips to help you to win the job even if your English is not that good. You will learn how to avoid making the most common mistakes made by job applicants. You will also learn how to favourably differentiate yourself from other job seekers with whom you are competing for a job offer……at every stage of the process. Participants get to work on their own job search process and job application documents during the workshop.

Workshop Duration: 2 days


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